Riada's mission and social responsibility

We are on the mission to enhance collaboration in every organisation. We find joy and satisfaction in helping teams reach their goals. Our products and services contribute to a more fun and collaborative work environment for everyone.


We believe in an open, free and inspirational environment. We love to help each other and challenge the “impossible”. Creative minds blossom in our culture and we are all an important ingredient in the versatile mix that is team Riada.


  • Live your passion, it makes life fun and engaging
  • Focus on the customer – it’s thanks to them we’re in business
  • Be the change you seek – speak your mind and we will grow together
  • Share and learn with and from your friends in team Riada.


We are the largest Atlassian partner in the Nordics and we are accelerating. We will continue to create fantastic solutions and products together with the thought leaders and great minds in our industry.

Pledge 1%

Riada was the first company in Sweden to join the Pledge1% movement. It means that we have a philanthropic commitment where we invest one percent of our profit and time to make this planet a better place for everyone.

We’re challenge all organisations to take the pledge, together we can make a remarkable difference.

Join the movement today! 

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We'll respond asap!

Drop us a line. We'll respond asap!