Hosting services for Atlassian products

Become productive fast with your Atlassian solutions and scale as you grow with Riada Cloud

Riada Cloud

  • Data located in AWS (Europe or U.S.)
  • Application uptime 99.9%
  • Performance tuning
  • Support options up to 24×7
  • Yearly upgrades
  • Access to Riada Servicedesk
  • Incident Management
  • SLA 60 minutes for level 1 incidents

Riada Cloud

Riada Cloud takes the award-winning Atlassian software for productivity and collaboration into the cloud, and makes getting started easier than ever. With the likes of JIRA and Confluence on your side, go from concept to launch with no installation and no overhead.

Best of two worlds

We run Atlassian server applications in AWS which results in unbeaten performance and availability. We can scale to infinity and deploy your applications data center style. Limitless extendability with thousands of server compatible apps.

all over the world

We manage and optimize the Atlassian applications in our cloud infrastructure (AWS), available all over the world. Join some of the largest companies in Scandinavia – move to Riada Cloud!

The most reliable solution

With a world class optimized AWS environment, experienced and certified Atlassian experts – Riada Cloud is the most reliable solution for your Atlassian applications.

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Drop us a line. We'll respond asap!