We have exciting news to share as we start a new chapter

Back in 2005, I founded the company known as Riada. For 15 years, that company has provided professional services, often with Atlassian tools, as a fundamental ingredient in its offerings. Riada became the first Atlassian Platinum Partner in Sweden and it’s now a leading service provider in the Nordics. In 2013, my co-founder Mathias Edblom […]

Christian Johansson takes over as CEO at Riada AB

We’re welcoming Christian Johansson as new CEO at Riada AB We are running two different companies under the Riada brand today; Riada AB (services) and Riada Development AB (products). This announcement only concerns our service organization Riada AB.  Riada AB continues its stellar growth for the 14th consecutive year. As the leading Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner […]