2020 – What a year!

Now that we are closing in on the end of 2020 which has been an interesting year with loads of learnings, the entire Riada team would like to thank all of our customers for a good year with great relations, deliveries and collaborations.

Me and the entire Managed Services team would like to share some 2020 highlights and give you insight for the upcoming things 2021.

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Highlights 2020


We measure many things to help us get a better understanding of different aspects of the delivery and work we do. Everything from the nut n bolts plattform layer stuff (CPU load, memusage, IOPS, etc.) to application layer stuff (APM metrics, uptime, incidents, etc.) to human layer stuff (response times, customer ratings, wellness, etc). We would like to share some of our results for the period Jan-Dec 2020:

  • We have had an 99,99% Uptime on all production environments which is really good stats!
  • We have had an 99,2% Success rate on Incident SLA time to response times. Just amazing numbers!
  • Average rating of 4,8 of 5 customer satisfaction rating. Being knowledgeable, professional and fast is something we continuously work on so thank you for the feedback!

Developed services

Our customers know Riada Cloud is powered by AWS and we do love AWS tech, as much as we love working with Atlassian software. We recognize that Cloud initiatives are growing at our customers and since we have great knowledge on the world’s leading public Cloud Platform AWS, we want to help our customers utilize AWS as well as we do. We’ve worked hard during the year building an organization and Consulting Partnership with AWS. We’ve reached the Select Partnership Tier and sharpened our AWS Consulting offerings.

Amazon Web Services partner network

We have also launched a new Atlassian Support Service for customers where the Atlassian software is becoming crucial to their business. Leveraging the availability and knowledge of our Atlassian expert will accelerate the Atlassian investment – check it out!

Plans for 2021

As with all roadmaps not everything is set in stone and the further ahead in the future we come the more prone to change it might be. But I still wanted to share some areas we plan to focus on:

  • Strong focus on continuing our AWS Consulting Partnership and helping to accelerate all of our customers Cloud initiatives and projects.
  • Optimizing our Riada Cloud Operations and especially the RCE (Riada Cloud Enterprise) platform leveraging even more Cloud native services. 
  • Offering a packaged solution for AWS Service Catalog and Jira Service Manager.

This little sneak peek should give you a sense of all cool and interesting things we plan to realize during 2021.

With that I would like to wish you all Happy Holidays!

Amir Ghaemian
Managed Services Team

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