How the results of a well architected infrastructure platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) speaks for itself!

One of the services we at Riada provide is Riada Cloud which consists of different infrastructure platforms on AWS architected for different types of customer needs. 

During the spring of 2020 one of Europe’s largest forest industry companies entrusted us with scaling up and managing their internal Issue tracking and Content management systems. These are java based web-application workloads.

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The challenge was to provide a solution that satisfies following customer requirements:

  • High availability
  • Security 
  • High reliability

This is why we love AWS because you can really excel in tackling these types of challenges using a combination of AWS tools and services which are at our disposal and adding some good “know-how”. Below is a quick overview of the AWS services used in the solution.


  • Infrastructure as code
    Modeling and provisioning the platform using AWS CloudFormation templates for most of the infrastructure gives us control over what is being provisioned and how. It also makes it reliable to make changes by embracing software development practices.
  • Using EC2 instances
    The flexibility of using the right EC2 instance family for the right type of workload is invaluable. As an example, in the issue tracking workload we are running, the amount of actual operations are few and irregular but could be performance intensive if large types of operations are run at the same time. Therefore we use a burstable EC2 instance type which can give us the CPU burst that is needed for such irregular activity.
  • Database
    Using the RDS service almost eliminates the DB layer maintenance from the team like clustering, patching, etc. 
  • Storage
    In the solution we use different AWS storage services for different purposes. For instance block storage (EBS) as storage volumes for the application nodes, file storage (EFS) for the shared files in the node cluster, S3 Buckets for backup storage, etc.
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  • Monitoring &  Incident management
    Using proper monitoring tools in conjunction with an incident orchestration tool is key for us to have trust in our ability to react fast and keep all the promises we give our customers around availability and reliability. To achieve this we use different types of tools for different purposes, both AWS services and third party applications. 
  • Proper Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
    Keeps us not only sane but is a great asset for the whole team to feel trust in the quality of service we provide together.

This was just a short overview of the solution we are providing as a Managed Service to our customers not even mentioning our other services such as vulnerability scanning, backup systems, disaster recovery systems, auto-remedy solutions, etc. 

Measuring Quality of Service

We measure Quality of Service on several data points but one we take great pride in is our Uptime since we make a bold commitment to our customers of 99,9% Uptime. For this customer the application uptime results from launch (mid April 2020) until today (mid November 2020) is 99,99%.

Metrics like this is what continues to motivate our Cloud team not to mention the amount of trust the team gets from our customer.

Uptime 99,99%

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With a world class optimized AWS environment, experienced and certified Atlassian experts – Riada Cloud is the most reliable solution for your Atlassian applications.

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