How ITSM supports the organization's delivery

If you are CIO, CTO or have another role that is responsible in one way or another for the quality of IT deliveries, then you probably recognize yourself in being an IT leader can sometimes be tough. If not, well done!

Others may recognize that they are fighting against the notion that IT does not support the business enough to achieve its goals. You want your business to perceive IT as a value-creating partner. You also want to show that IT adapts to changing demands and behaviors such as Agile, DevOps and cloud services. At the same time, you probably have to deal with the risk of technical hassle, safety incidents and downtime.

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Delivering valuable IT services in old structures

You want to increase the organization's ability to deliver valuable IT services to the business, but it feels like you are stuck in old structures and working methods. You want the work to be more redirected to having the customer in focus and give your teams the power and conditions to deliver business value with high speed and quality. You simply want to go against a modern IT Service Management (ITSM).

Unfortunately, traditional and complex itsm system support can keep you stuck in rigid and sluggish working methods. Businesses and customers often expect more and better from IT. Previously, only two of these could be chosen at the expense of the third. Now, in many cases, you can choose all three with the support of Atlassian Jira Service Management.

Jira Service Management - ITSM for agile teams

Traditional itsm system support is often built to support silo-oriented organizational structures with groupings for different technology areas and application administrations. In the worst case scenario, this can create a breeding ground for a blame game. Jira Service Management opens up the possibility to quickly switch to team-oriented and agile working methods. A culture and way of working where the teams have a shared responsibility to make the business happy. Many organizations strive to demolish their traditional silos and start working more team-oriented with the customer in focus. The culture and working methods of DevOps are examples of this. 

To keep up with this development, ITIL® 4 was introduced in February 2019. This was a long-awaited development of the popular ITSM framework. The development of ITIL 4 provides organizations with a framework to use to transform their business into working more agilely and establishing a DevOps culture. ITIL 4 evolved to focus on customer, flexibility, collaboration, human-centered processes and speed.

With Atlassian's Jira Service Management, you have every opportunity to join that journey and develop all of the above abilities in your organization.

246% ROI

Gartner has done studies on how much companies spend on buying advanced system support for ITSM and how to use them. It turns out that you only use a fraction of the functions that are in the systems. You simply overinvest. Gartner says in the investigation, for example:

"I&o leaders frequently overbuy ITSM tools beyond their needs. Choosing powerful yet more complicated tools slows down service improvements and requires increased overhead." 

Jira Service Management includes what most organizations need to manage their service deliveries and at a fraction of the cost of what other system support costs. Forrester, for example, has calculated a ROI of 246% for Jira Service Management.

Add more value with applications

If you want to add an integrated knowledge management system at a later stage, just add Atlassian Confluence. If you need to have control over how your IT environment is structured and how components are connected, you add Atlassian Insight as CMDB. There is a smorgasbord of over 1000 different add-ons in Marketplace with different features to choose from to develop your ITSM system. In addition, if you want to fully integrate the development department with delivery and the operations organization, all you have to do is add Jira Software. Still with a very attractive cost picture.

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Transparent and better collaboration between operations, development teams and IT teams enables higher quality and speed in the delivery of optimal services. The motivation and drive of employees increases at the same time as the ability to innovate and automation. With a transparent and competitive pricing model, Jira Service Management is a sharp competitor to be reckoned with in the flora of ITSM tools.

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