A joint team is responsible for a product's entire life cycle – from requirements to operations and support. We help you unlock the potential of your DevOps teams.

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Benefits of DevOps

How we can help you

Culture is the foundation

Culture is at least as important as tools and methods when we're talking about DevOps. That's why courageous leadership is required. When people are encouraged and given the opportunity to work together, they gain confidence in each other and the experience and competence each individual can contribute. 

A DevOps team needs the freedom to select processes and tools to control their delivery. Riada will guide you according to your needs.

Collaboration and simplicity means great delivery

Efficient ITSM processes promote collaboration, are intuitive to use and enable fast delivery of value to customers. ITSM streamlines productivity across the organization with a standardized delivery of services based on business goals. 

Riada - your ITSM partner

Close collaboration, communication and frequent feedback are important success factors when we help you create efficient ITSM processes. Our goal is always to deliver the greatest possible value in the shortest possible time.

Common challenges

  • Communication occurs in handovers only
  • Frustration over perceived lack of understanding 
  • Each handover is lost time and information 
  • Feedback and suggestions for improvement are not performed 
  • Difficulty seeing the big picture
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Collaboration is key

To be competitive, companies need to accelerate the pace of delivery of value to their customers. That means it is necessary to create the conditions for a culture of cooperation. Our experts helps you collaborate and unleash the potential of your teams.

"Make the delivery of customer value smooth"

Agile development and Lean form the basis of DevOps. By optimizing the flow in the business and working in iterative processes, the team creates customer value. We at Riada help organizations start their journey within DevOps to achieve better results. 

Continuous delivery of customer value

DevOps is a mix of culture, tools and organizational maturity. It is important to find out what suits you and what will make you develop over time. The most important thing is to continuously strive to tear down walls so that customer value can be delivered continuously. This is achieved through improved cooperation between people and the balanced use of tools, processes and automation. 

Look at the entire delivery chain – from development to operation. There are many valuable aspects of IT Service Management (ITSM) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to include in your DevOps journey, such as risk management and cost-effectiveness. 

Take advantage of our extensive experience with DevOps, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, ITSM and ITIL. Together we kick start the journey towards continuous delivery of customer value.

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