All is included

We manage and maintain the complete application suite for you – on your servers. You can stop worry about upgrades, downtime, monitoring and support. We can also integrate the Atlassian suite with other applications in your infrastructure.

We upgrade your applications upon request or at least once per quarter to have your applications up-to-date. We also optimize the environment based on your usage profile; we add disk space, CPU and RAM as needed.

Monitoring and alarms
We can set up 24/7 monitoring of your applications. If the servers are not allowed to have internet connection, we work together with your organisation to set up appropriate monitoring of all applications.

World class uptime
We work hard to ensure that your applications are always secure and available. We  guarantee 99.9% uptime for the applications hosted by you!

Up to 24/7 Support
Our staff of engineers work around the clock to fully maintain, manage and support every aspect of your application environment.

No lock-in effect
We know that you will be satisfied with our AM service but if you want to discontinue your use of AM, we offer a 30-day notice period for our customers.

Additional Services
We know that you might want experts to help you develop or optimize your development process or develop customized add-ons to Atlassian products. You can always request our consultancy services as an AM customer.

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