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The powerful automation framework in Insight gives you all the freedom you need to be in control of large asset structures. Create JIRA issues, run groovy scripts or run HTTP requests - everything automatically

Advanced Search

Insight is packed with JQL functions and IQL expressions to enable great support when searching for assets. A global quick search makes everyday work easier and faster then ever when searching for specific attributes.

Open API’s

Insight is built for enterprises and is packed with comprehensive functionality but we think you should have the freedom to make Insight a perfect fit. Open JAVA and REST API’s gives you unlimited possibilities.

Enterprise Asset Management

Insight unleashes the power of Enterprise Asset Management with the Atlassian platform. You can use Insight for all things that aren't issues. How about hardware, software, people, facilities, licences, contracts and so much more

  • Imports (LDAP, CSV, TEMPO, Users & Components)
  • Unlimited Assets, Attributes & References
  • 3 Different Graphical Explorers
  • Insight Permission Scheme

  • Object Type Hierarchies
  • Printing of QR Codes & Labels
  • Advanced Insight Custom Fields
  • Automation with Post Functions

  • Conditions and Validators
  • Advanced Search
  • Open API’s
  • So much more..

Manage your assets with great visualization

The graphical explorer enables dependency mapping and impact analysis. Get an overview of your asset schema or analyse the detailed relationship between a specific server and all the installed software versions or other related assets.

The graphical explorer is equipped with detailed information about every asset, like associated JIRA issues, attachments and all attributes.

A product with so many possibilities…

Insight is not only used by ITSM teams. IT-teams use insight to control assets like computers, phones, accessories etc. Software teams use Insight to manage release information like software components, packages and versions. Business teams use Insight to manage onboarding of employees, financial information, marketing & legal assets and much more.

Gain control with great visualization

Respond faster and make better decisions - Increase governance and reduce operational risk - Improve asset utilization with proactive asset management. Insight provide dependency mapping and impact analysis.

Access Insight assets from the custom field

The Insight custom fields gives you access to the asset structure in Insight. Drill down the object types to find the asset you want to associate your JIRA issue to. Great search and filtering capabilities.

Powerful integration with JIRA Service Desk

The asset catalogue should be a natural part of the Service Desk functionality in JIRA! Integrate Insight with JIRA Service Desk to enable asset selection in the customer portal.