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Notification Assistant for JIRA

This plugin makes it possible for administrators to create notifications based on any JQL query. You can configure the notifications to trigger at any point in time and at any given interval. NAFJ gives you the power to create and manage email notification templates!

Customize the email notification subject and body
Decide which fields should be presented in the email notification
Customize the field names displayed in the email notification

Keep you JIRA instance clean from unattended issues!
Customize the email message for each notification rule so that the recipients know exactly what to do.

This is very useful when you want to:
Remind users that issues are overdue
Remind users that due dates are coming up in a few days
Deliver a report on critical issues to your managers
Notify component leads that issues related to their components are critical
Notify project manager when issues are left in the same state for a period of time
Use any other possible JQL query to fire a notification to anyone (even users outside of JIRA)

It is extremely expensive having users and managers unaware of important issues in JIRA. This plugin will make sure that all relevant parties are aware of what’s going on in JIRA. Help your users act on issues in time!

Version:5.1.0 Installations:500 (+)