Are you ready to partner-up with Riada?

Riada has been in business for over a decade providing Atlassian services and apps to over 2000 organisations on all continents. We are passionate about what we do and eager to help customers and partners be successful with our products. Enterprise apps like Insight and Insight Discovery is growing rapidly and we need partners to support organisations around the world as they deploy Asset Management and ITSM with the Atlassian suite.

What’s this partner program about?

We like to build long lasting relationships with players in the ecosystem that surrounds Atlassian. We share the same values and passion to unleash the potential in every team. Our partner program is designed to benefit customers that are using Atlassian or are about to start. We know the importance of hands-on support and we can’t reach every customer alone, that’s why we work with partners.

What about the benefits for partners?

Being a partner to Riada requires you to know and master our products. We know it can take time but we promise you that it’s worth the effort. To help you expand your business with our products, we offer the following benefits for partners.

  • Discount on license sales
  • Access to the partner portal
  • Marketing enablement
  • Product enablement
  • Sales support
  • Prioritised access to our product team
  • Customer referrals
  • Access to Beta programs
  • Promotion on our website

And yes, it’s totally free of charge.

Partner Awards

Each year we award the partners that has delivered extraordinary value. The lucky winners will receive a nice award and a prize for their exceptional achievement and valuable services. The award proves that the partner master our products and offers exceptional professional services. These guys are hardcore experts and highly appreciated by their customers.

The next Riada partner award ceremony is held at the Fairmont Hotel in San José on September 11 during the Add-on Discovery Day. Don’t miss it!