The Insight Platform

Enterprise Asset Management

Insight provides total control over all assets in an organisation, no matter what kind of assets you need to manage. The combined power of Insight and JIRA delivers an unparalleled platform to manage and control assets for any organisation.

Insight Discovery provides a repeatable and reliable method to identify the elements of enterprise IT infrastructure, making it possible to capture an accurate and up‑to‑date view of all CI’s, from hardware to software.

The Insight macro for Confluence allows you to visualise real time asset details in Confluence. This is a free app for all our valued Insight customers.

Insight for Atlassian environments will automatically import all the metadata from your JIRA and Bitbucket environments. You will know if, when and where any changes to your environment is made – and yes, you will also know who made the changes. Perfect for audit and compliance reasons.

Insight Tempo integration unleashes the power of Insight onto concepts from Tempo Timesheets. You can synchronise Tempo Accounts, Customers and Contacts into Insight to manage and enrich the data needed for proactive customer and account management.

The User Deactivator helps you keep your JIRA user directory clean from inactive users. Schedule a reoccurring deactivation or run it manually.

The Notification Assistant is a sophisticated system for managing all kinds of notifications in JIRA. The configuration options are only limited by your imagination.