Insight Discovery

Discover Everything – everywhere

Insight Discovery provides a repeatable and reliable method to identify the elements of enterprise IT infrastructure, making it possible to capture an accurate and up‑to‑date view of all CI’s, from hardware to software.

Infrastructure Health

Get full control of your hosts and all the applications that they run. Make sure that your servers are equipped with the latest software and get notified immediately if a host is unresponsive.

Discover everything

Insight Discovery comes packed with ready-to-use scanning patterns. Not discovering what your looking for? Design your own patterns to let Insight Discovery reach as far as you desire.

Use the power of JIRA

JIRA is phenomenal when running ITSM. Connect your Incidents, RFC’s and Problems to your CI’s. The CMDB in Insight will hold a complete and up-to-date view of your infrastructure.

Your infrastructure is your organisation’s backbone. Insight Discovery puts you in the cockpit of your enterprise network assets.

Insight Discovery is an agentless network discovery product that sweeps your network for hosts and devices. It collects detailed information about detected hardware and software, the data is then consolidated and imported into the CMDB in Insight.

Dependency mapping & impact analysis

Analyse dependencies in your enterprise network. Asset visualization gives you the understanding you need to make the right decisions.

Powerful Automation

Automation power at your fingertips! Get notified or create JIRA issues if a server becomes unresponsive or a license is up for renewal. Support for Groovy scripts & HTTP requests.

Discover multiple networks

Deploy as many Insight Discovery servers you want, one for each secured network. All traffic is encrypted for your safety.