The Insight Platform

Insight provides freedom to create any type of object structure in JIRA.  Work at lightning speed when you have your issues connected to the actual artefacts they concern.

Business Teams

Insight gives you the power to create great solutions for your business teams. Areas like HR, CRM, Legal, Facilities, Marketing can now finally get their important processes implemented in JIRA and Confluence thanks to the Insight Platform.

IT Teams

Insight takes Software Asset Management and Configuration Management to JIRA. IT Teams love Insight because it gives them control over all hardware and software used to provide all those business services. Insight enables ITIL and ITSM with the Atlassian suite.

Software Teams

The capability of managing large structures of systems, subsystems, components, builds and releases makes Insight the perfect fit for any software team. Crystal clear bug reports and release notes has never been easier.

Who Uses Insight?

Over 2000 organisations are relying on Insight every day, here are a few


The powerful automation framework in Insight gives you all the freedom you need to be in control of large asset structures. Create JIRA issues, run groovy scripts or run HTTP requests – everything automatically

Advanced Search

Insight is packed with JQL functions and IQL expressions to enable great support when searching for assets. A global quick search makes everyday work easier and faster then ever when searching for specific attributes.

Open API’s

Insight is built for enterprises and is packed with comprehensive functionality but we think you should have the freedom to make Insight a perfect fit. Open JAVA and REST API’s gives you unlimited possibilities.


The Single Source Of Truth

Insight provides a way to manage all things important to you – in JIRA. Report issues on assets. Connect assets with each other to reflect dependencies. Use the automation framework to stay on top of your asset structures. Insight act as a flexible CMDB or asset database – it allows you to manage anything in JIRA.

Insight Discovery

Scan Your Network Assets

Insight Discovery is an agentless network discovery product that sweeps your network for hosts and devices. It collects detailed information about detected hardware and software, the data is then consolidated and imported into the CMDB in Insight.

Insight Macro For Confluence

Insight data available in Confluence

The Insight macro for Confluence enables you to visualise Insight objects on Confluence pages. Display single objects or a list of objects and their attributes. Launch the Insight graph to understand dependencies to other objects.

Insight Atlassian Environments

Import JIRA & Bitbucket Integrations into Insight

Get in the driver seat of your JIRA and Bitbucket environment. Insight for Atlassian environments will automatically import all the metadata from your JIRA and Bitbucket environments. The automation framework will support you in knowing if, when and where any changes to your environment is made. Perfect for audit and compliance reasons.

Insight Tempo Integration

Import Tempo Data into Insight

Insight Tempo integration unleashes the power of Insight onto concepts from Tempo Timesheets. You can synchronise Tempo Accounts, Customers and Contacts into Insight to manage and enrich the data needed for proactive customer and account management.