Application Management Terms


Application Management is a service provided by Riada to the Customer. The service entails application management responsibility for one or more Atlassian applications installed in infrastructure controlled and owned by the Customer. As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Riada has deep knowledge and vast experience in Atlassian applications and can therefore deliver this management solution and additional services.

Applications included in this Agreement

The following Applications are included in this Agreement

Application / License Tier

Confluence / XXXX Users

Applications excluded from this Agreement

Riada is not responsible for any third-party add-ons installed in the environment. Riada can install requested add-ons and the Customer request support from Riada for the third-party apps but the effort is not included in the Application Management article below. Riada cannot be held responsible for any code or scripts deployed by the Customer nor any Application errors (bugs) introduced by the Application vendor Atlassian or third party add-on vendors.

Remote Access

Riada should at all times during the Agreement period have remote access to the Customer’s Application infrastructure. The technical remote access solution should be provided and maintained by the Customer.



Services included / excluded

Application Management (INCLUDED)

  • One (1) upgrade per year per Application is mandatory and included in this article
  • Optimization of CPU, RAM & Disk
  • SLA stipulated in General Terms
  • Restore and test of backups – once per year
  • Possibility for Customer to report Incidents 24/7
  • Incident Management – time spent on resolving incidents

Additional Consulting, Upgrades & Support (EXCLUDED – SEPARATE  AGREEMENT NEEDED)

  • Any migration of data or integration to third party systems
  • Any test or staging environment accessible for Customer
  • Any additional Application upgrades
  • Any consulting / support / training / workshops / meetings

Application licenses from Atlassian & add-on vendors (EXCLUDED – OFFERED SEPARATELY) 

Invoice Periods

Riada Application Management is invoiced four times per year (quarterly) retrospectively at the following predetermined dates:

31-December, 31-March, 30-June, 30-September

Exact start date and end date of the agreement is reflected in the pricing for the first and last invoice period.


Additional consulting, upgrades and support

This Riada Application Management service does not include additional consulting, upgrades and support other than what is specified in the pricing table. Additional services can be called off if a separate agreement is signed between the parties.

General Terms

The Riada Application Management General Terms are specified in Exhibit A. If there is any conflict or difference between this Agreement and the General Terms, this Agreement shall prevail.

Changes to this Agreement

Changes in number of Applications or increased number of licensed Application users automatically calls for a new Agreement between the parties. Riada will not be responsible in any way if the Customer increase the number of licensed Application users without a new Riada Application Management Agreement. Riada might give written notice of termination of this Agreement if the number of Applications or number of licensed Application users does not match this Agreement.

Terms of Agreement

The Agreement is effective by 201x-xx-xx and does not expire unless notice from the Customer or Riada.

The notice period for the Customer is three (3) months.
The notice period for Riada is six (6) months.


Exhibit A – General Terms


Riada Responsibility

  • Administration and management of the Applications specified in the AMA.
  • Administration and management of installed add-ons manufactured by Atlassian or Riada
  • Performing software upgrades and installation of patches for the Applications specified in the AMA
  • Application monitoring if allowed by the Customer security policy
  • Maintain updated environment documentation
  • Applications are available for the Customer during SBH to 99.9% per month
  • Restore of backup – once per year for testing purpose


Riada is not responsible for

  • Operations and Management of the Application Infrastructure such as hardware, virtual servers, operating system, databases, network, routers, bandwidth, antivirus, hardware monitoring, backup storage
  • Application Licenses
  • Administration and management of add-ons manufactured by the Customer or third party
  • Errors (bugs) introduced by Application vendor
  • SSL certificate
  • Mail accounts used by the Applications
  • Third-party applications integrated with the Applications


Customer Responsibility

  • Operations and Management of the Application Infrastructure such as hardware, virtual servers, operating system, databases, network, bandwidth, antivirus, hardware monitoring, backup storage
  • Active Application Licenses (support & maintenance agreement with the vendor/s)
  • Backup routines based on Riada recommendations
  • Appoint personnel who is allowed to call off services according to this agreement


Changes to Application Infrastructure

Riada may require the Customer to change the Application Infrastructure to allow optimal Application performance. Riada cannot be held responsible if the Customer chooses not to follow Riadas requirement. Riada cannot be held responsible for any application downtime caused by a service window initiated by the Customer or its affiliates.

Service Level Agreement

Riada support hours and response times are described in the tables below. These conditions are binding for Riada unless an Extended SLA is agreed separately.


An incident in this Agreement is defined as an occurrence of irregularity that is directly related to the AM responsibility or the Application itself (responsible party is Riada). The irregularity can be of different severity and is in detail described in the table below. The Customer agrees to make an honest and true classification of severity when creating Incident tickets in the Riada Service Portal.



To call of any services stipulated in this agreement, the Customer shall submit a ticket in the Riada Service Portal. Riada will provide access to Riada Service Portal for Customer representatives. By having access to the Service Portal, the Customer is considered eligible to call off services according to this agreement. Riada Service Portal is accessible from any web browser. E-mail and phone calls should only be used in emergency situations or when there is a need for further explanations of a particular issue.

Application Licenses

Customer must purchase Application Licenses from Riada and install them in the Applications. The Customer is obligated to have active support and maintenance agreements for all Application Licenses used in the Application Infrastructure. Failure to have valid licenses with active support and maintenance agreements is a breach to this agreement and might return in termination of agreement by Riada with written notice (60 days).


Customer must pay all fees by their due date specified at the time of order or otherwise within 30 days of Riada’s invoice or notice.


This Agreement will continue to the end of time, unless earlier terminated. Riada may suspend or terminate this Agreement, with respect to one or more of the Applications, if the Customer fails to comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including any failure to pay fees when due.

Force Majeure

Neither party shall be liable hereunder by reason of failure or delay in the performance of its obligations hereunder (except for the non-payment of money) on account of strikes, shortages, riots, insurrection, war, acts of terrorism, fires, flood, storm, explosions, earthquakes, governmental action, labour conditions, or any other cause which is beyond the reasonable control of the party.

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