Riada has taken the pledge

At Riada, we see giving back as a natural thing and a part of our commitment to society. That’s why we over the years has been offering free product licenses and heavily discounted rates to non-profits and that’s also why we every year give a portion of our profit to organisations like The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation or Room to Read.

We have decided to join the Pledge 1% movement, inspired by our friends over at Atlassian. At this first step we taken the pledge to donate 1% of profit and 1% of product to philanthropic causes. We are also investigating how we can pledge 1% of time. Together, we can really make a difference!

“Giving back has been a part of our company culture since the start, over a decade ago. Taking the Pledge 1% is one of the easiest and most natural decisions we’ve made since we aim to continue our philanthropic investments. It’s also a very good way to grow your philanthropic commitment as you grow your company. We hope that more companies will follow, especially in our Nordic region!” says Tommy Nordahl – Riada CEO.

About the Pledge 1% movement

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