Riada Solutions

With over 200 years of combined Atlassian expertise in agile development, java development, business transformation, operations, support and management we serve our global customers with everything they need to be successful.

General Asset Management

You’ve got things of value that you need to manage and control. We’ve got a customisable solution that will fit your needs. We are so sure that we’ll provide you with a money-back-guarantee! Join companies like Spotify, Intel, Oracle and Google – contact us today to schedule a meeting to learn more.

ITSM and Operations

JIRA Service Desk is already certified for the 4 most important processes in ITIL. Our solution adds the necessary support for software asset management and configuration management. An enterprise ready CMDB is what you need when adopting ITSM for the future.


With over 100 years of combined experience in CRM, we offer a world class solution that caters for your need to manage customers, contracts, assignments, opportunities, pipelines, funnels and prognosis. With JIRA as a foundation, our purpose built apps fills in all the necessary tick-boxes for a great CRM system.

Human Resources

A great HR system is a must for all organisations. Streamline and automate your on-boarding and off-boarding process. Keep track of all employee details as well as their assigned equipment and permissions. Automate the leave process and increase visibility and collaboration with HR.

Software Development

Developers build systems and systems contain subsystems and subsystems contain components and so on. Our solution allows you to have full and automated control over all your software molecules and their dependencies. Keep track on all your software builds and their bill of materials – and yes, you can report your bugs and issues connected to directly to them.

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