Mastering Insight for Jira

Take a deep dive into all the configuration aspects of Insight to master the administration of your asset management.

Mastering Insight for Jira

quick info
  • Duration: 2 Days (09:00 – 16:00)
  • Audience: Insight Administrators / Advanced users
  • Seat price: SEK 22,000
  • Courseware: Course material in English


Deep dive into Schemas, Object Types, Attributes, IQL, Imports, Jira connection, Reporting, Automation and more. This is a 2-days course on-site at Riada’s office in Stockholm. 

What will I learn?

Day 1
Day 2

Basic concepts

  • Schemas

  • Object Types

  • Objects

  • Attributes

Insight Advanced Configuration

  • Cross-referenced schemas
  • Abstract Objects
  • Inheritance
  • Placeholders
  • Schema export / Import

Insight Configurations

  • Insight Object Type Configuration

Insight Query Language

  • Advanced queries
  • IQL with placeholders
  • IQL in JQL

Insight Query Language

  • Basic search 
  • IQL Basics

Advanced imports

  • Import apps
  • Object Mapping (IQL)
  • Regular expressions
  • Multiple imports
  • Custom imports
  • Synchronisation concepts

Insight Import Framework

  • Basics import framework
  • CSV Import

Insight and Jira

  • All parts of insight custom fields
  • Jira post functions

Insight & Jira

  • Insight custom fields

Insight Reporting

  • Built-in reports
  • Custom reports
  • Jira gadgets
  • Confluence macro
  • EazyBI
 Insight Automation

  • Automation framework

Insight API’s

  • Rest-API
  • Java API
  • Groovy examples


This course is designed for anyone working with Insight for Jira. Preferably you are aware of Jira Administration and Jira Servicedesk features. 

Prior knowledge

Experience of Jira and Jira servicedesk is beneficial.

This training is designed for Insight Administrators and advanced users. We will guide you through the administration concepts of Insight and coach you in how to build your most efficient usage of Insight for Jira. You will learn all the necessary things that an Insight Administrator needs to know.

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